Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
115 pound Push press, 10 reps
10 KB Swings, 1.5 pood
10 Box jumps, 24 inch box

Dave Lipson 18 rounds + 7 PP, Austin Malleolo 17 rounds + 5 PP, Jeremy Thiel 15 rounds, Karianne Dickson 13 rounds + 10 push press (75lb PP, 1pood KB, 24″ box).
Post rounds completed to comments.

Compare to 100929.

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GOAL |gōl|noun1  the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result

RESOLUTION |ˌrezəˈloō sh ən|noun1 a firm decision to do or not to do something

Lets talk about Goals and resolutions this new years. Among a few other things I would like to touch on.

There aren’t many things I enjoy more than seeing one of you meet a goal you have been trying like hell to attain. That is why I love this. Seeing your progress, and the effort you put forth to get that progress.

I am constantly setting goals, small and large goals. But before I write down that I want to grow up to be an astronaut or a dinosaur. I make sure that my goals are a few things.

  • S – Specific (or Significant).
  • M – Measurable (or Meaningful).
  • A – Attainable (or Action-Oriented).
  • R – Relevant (or Rewarding).
  • T – Time-bound (or Trackable).

Now I have a few things to add to this. But its called the s.m.a.r.t method of attaining your goals. Now usually our goals are a usually centered around improving ourselves physically/mentally as it pertains to overall fitness and crossfit. So when I ask you what your goals are you usually dont rattle off that you want to retire when you are 40 or buy a porsche in 5 years. Ill hear, I want to run a mini marathon, or I want to lose 20 lbs, I want to gain 20 lbs of muscle, or increase my testosterone, decrease my cholesterol. etc etc etc.

Listen…sit down for a second and lets have a chat.

Goals should be straightforward and emphasize what you want to happen. Specifics help us to focus our efforts and clearly define what we are going to do.

Specific is the What, Why, and How of the SMART model.

  • WHAT are you going to do? Use action words such as direct, organize, coordinate, lead, develop, plan, build etc.
  • WHY is this important to do at this time? What do you want to ultimately accomplish?
  • HOW are you going to do it? (By…)


If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. In the broadest sense, the whole goal statement is a measure for the project; if the goal is accomplished, the is a success. However, there are usually several short-term or small measurements that can be built into the goal.

Choose a goal with measurable progress, so you can see the change occur. How will you see when you reach your goal? Be specific! “I want to reach 100 consecutive perfect air squats in 2 months in under 5 minutes” shows the specific target to be measure. “I want to be good at air squats” is not as measurable.

Establish concrete criteria for measuring progress toward the attainment of each goal you set. When you measure your progress, you stay on track, reach your target dates, and experience the exhilaration of achievement that spurs you on to continued effort required to reach your goals.


When you identify goals that are most important to you, you begin to figure out ways you can make them come true. You develop that attitudes, abilities, skills, and financial capacity to reach them. Your begin seeing previously overlooked opportunities to bring yourself closer to the achievement of your goals.

Goals you set which are too far out of your reach, you probably won’t commit to doing. Although you may start with the best of intentions, the knowledge that it’s too much for you means your subconscious will keep reminding you of this fact and will stop you from even giving it your best. When you or we come up with your plan, look at that plan and say to yourself. Yes, I can implement this into my daily routine. I see a lot of unrealistic plans people try to implement and almost immediately discard them. Also the plan may sometimes need tweaking, adjusting, and often completely re-writing it to get the best results in the time frame you’d like. We need to make sure the plan is as effective as it is do-able.

A goal needs to stretch you slightly so you feel you can do it and it will need a real commitment from you. For instance, if you aim to lose 20lbs in one week, we all know that isn’t achievable. But setting a goal to lose 1lb and when you’ve achieved that, aiming to lose a further 1lb, will keep it achievable for you.

The feeling of success which this brings helps you to remain motivated.


I have gotten some clients that walk up to me and say “I want to gain 20lbs of muscle in 2 months. and lean out at the same time” Which are things that require moving in two separate directions. Believe me, I wont be harsh about it, but I will let you guys know if I believe your goal to be a little unrealistic. This is not a synonym for “easy.” Realistic, in this case, means “do-able.” It means that the learning curve is not a vertical slope; that the skills needed to do the work are available; that the project fits with the overall strategy and goals of the organization. A realistic project may push the skills and knowledge of the people working on it but it shouldn’t break them.

Devise a plan or a way of getting there which makes the goal realistic. The goal needs to be realistic for you and where you are at the moment. A goal of never again eating sweets, cakes, chips and chocolate may not be realistic for someone who really enjoys these foods.

For instance, it may be more realistic to set a goal of eating some vegetables each day instead of one sweet item. You can then choose to work towards reducing the amount of sweet products gradually as and when this feels realistic for you.

Be sure to set goals that you can attain with some effort! Too difficult and you set the stage for failure, but too low sends the message that you aren’t very capable. Set the bar high enough for a satisfying achievement!


Set a timeframe for the goal: for next week, in three months, next year. Putting an end point on your goal gives you a clear target to work towards.

If you don’t set a time, the commitment is too vague. It tends not to happen because you feel you can start at any time. Without a time limit, there’s no urgency to start taking action now.

Time must be measurable, attainable and realistic.

I am putting another section of markerboard on the wall, it will be titled. The Goal Board. I want to see all of your goals, however large or small they are. That way I can come up to you when I haven’t seen that goal erased and say, hey, Phil. I see that you want to be able to do the full gymnastics splits in 5 months. How is that going? what have you been doing? are you keeping up with it? And if he tells me, well, I haven’t been stretching, at all. Then of course he isn’t going to meet that goal.

I will not hesitate to tell you if what you are doing will not get you to where you need to be.

Im not doing it to be a dick. I very much want ALL of you to meet your goals, don’t ever think that I am sabotaging you or purposely not helping. Come to me! text me! email me! again and again! That is what I am here for! Not only because its my job as your coach, but because I consider all of you friends and I want to see you all succeed. Now my plans aren’t always Grade A top notch plans. But it certainly helps me become a better coach when I venture into uncharted waters of things I have never developed plans for. (sometimes I need to be reminded of things with all I have on my plate, DO NOT feel bad about pestering me if i forget.) If you set a goal of getting kipping pull ups down in 3 months, Don’t be surprised at the end of that 3 months when you step up to the pull up bar and you cant get your chin over it, when you have only been practicing once a week when I told you to do it 4 times a week.

Happy goal setting,

Peace, I’m out.

****Christmas party Jan 8th @ 5:00 !!! Dont forget guys, bring food, whatever you’d like! People were asking if we were going to do a workout, I’m not planning one, but if you guys want to do one, get dressed for it and we will hit one up!

****Cool 3-d chalk art! neato