12 Minute amrap

16 double unders

8 Toes to bar

Good Coach, Bad coach  Crossfit Journal


We aren’t all perfect. I certainly haven’t been coaching long.

As I take a step back from coaching from time to time and take a look at the other coaches in the gym. I am extremely happy with the coaches that represent Crossfit South Bend. I would say the “good coach” attributes definitely describe the coaches that are here at CFSB. They lift a great amount off of my shoulders and allow me to take a step back to operate and run the gym with a little more efficiency. Notice how I said a “little” more efficiency. Haha. I am comfortable leaving the athletes here in the hands of any of our coaches.

Coaching is definitely a learning experience,  I believe we learn more from you athletes, than you do from us on a daily basis. I try to keep up on my continuing education by studying the movements at hand for each day coming. Sometimes its nice to have something a little more structured and from a different coaching point of view. That is the purpose of the Coaches Clinic. Continuing education.

We will be floating the times here and there, mostly to be determined amongst the coaches schedule, and if some of you can make it, it would be great as well.


We have our faults

Nick may be sarcastic, Carl may be incredibly awkward, Tyler is downright just creepy, Brett is eccentric, Joe is scary looking…and..oh wait. those are all of my traits.

But really, All of my coaches here are wonderful…

I promise they will always be moving onward and upward as coaches here, at whatever level we are at. There is no limit to how good of a coach you are, ever. We will always pass that on to you.


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Pretty Powerlifting 

NFL Training Secrets 

THERE ARE SIGN UP SHEETS IN THE GYM ON THE WHITEBOARD FOR; Affiliate competition, Memorial Day Murph, and the Coaches Clinic.

Mobility wod for the day

So it looks like CF michiana is willing to get a team together to pull off a mini regional with us perhaps, an informal one of course. I am going to contact Crossfit 405 (the police station crossfit) here, to see if we can get a mini regionals here! 

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