Tabata bottom to bottom squats

Tabata sit ups

Tabata kb swings 55/35


I intend on keeping this post up for a few days so everyone gets a chance to read it. For those of you who simply “skim” the post. The prices are changing for everyone who joins AFTER the 60 days. For everyone who has joined CFSB prior to November 29th, your prices will forever and always remain the same!


Okay, so after chatting with Nick, it looks like they aren’t going to do a team competition for Again Faster…BUT I think we might all get together on Saturdays to do the individual competition to see how we stack up. You must register if you want it to be “official” or you can come in and we can just do it for fun.

We will be doing the first Again Faster wod as a group on Saturday October 8th at 12:00 noon

Click here for wod details 

Current WOD is “Stacey” which runs from Oct. 1, 2011 until Oct. 10, 2011

150 Air Squats

2k Row

150 Air Squats


Crossfit South Bend opened May 3rd 2009. Although it has been a quite a long difficult road since that day, I have thoroughly enjoyed every step of the way.

Through the years I have managed to keep the prices lower than 90% of the Crossfit gyms in the U.S., but I have come to a catch 22. I would like to get more equipment, more coaches, more seminars, more classes, more events, and to start hosting certifications. I want to see this gym move to the next level, but in order for that to happen, I must raise the prices to keep up with some of the other gyms in the U.S. That being said, the new prices, will STILL be lower than those  said gyms.

Before you frantically scroll down to find the new prices. Keep reading.

Remember the post I made about never changing the prices for grandfathered members? Its saved in the memorable posts as “I Promise”

I will never change anyones prices who have helped me build this gym. Ever. And that is still very much a promise. Thank you very much for your dedication to this gym, I care very much about all of you.

That being said, it is for members that I will not change the prices, whether it be our month to month, contracted members, or our seasonal athletes (due to school and work)

If you were a member 2 years ago for a few months, or  “occasionally drop in” your prices will change. This promise was for my dedicated members. Not someone who came in for a month 2 years ago.

To give you a perspective of where I am coming from, here are some gyms in the U.S. with the same population and around the same income per capita with some of the things they charge for, meaning class pricing, one on one time with a coach, nutrition counseling, punch cards, etc.

Crossfit South Bend 


Income Per Capita: 24,533

Old Prices:

Unlimited $95 month

6 month $90

12 month$85

With a 20% discount for military/police/fire/student.

Punch Card: 10 visits $100, 5 visits $60

Crossfit Ventura 

Population: 103,706

Income Per Capita: 32,583

1-5 times a week crossfit (there is no unlimited) 115 – 230 per month

One on One time: $55 hour

Crossfit Denton County 

Population: 101,624

Income Per Capita: 30,606

200 5 days a week

150 3 days

12 mo contract 150

On ramp $165

Crossfit Green Bay 

Population: 101, 025

Income Per Capita: 20,903

Unlimited $150

3 classes $125

2 classes $100

One on One time $50 hour

On ramp $185

Crossfit United of Columbia 

Population: 100,733

Income Per Capita: 24,194

On ramp $135

Unlimited $120

Personal Training $275 per 4 sessions

Crossfit Wilmington 

Population: 100,192

Income Per Capita: 26,600

Unlimited $150

On ramp $100

Crossfit Michiana 

Population: 199,000

Income Per capita: 19,527

On ramp $125


Depending upon your commitment level to membership, your monthly dues can range from as low as $127 per month to as high as $259.



Unlimited 130

6 month contract 120

12 month contract 110

Police/Fire/Military/Student discount 20%

(there is no discount on punch cards)

Punch Card 10 – 150

Punch Card 5 – 85

Drop in $20

no charge for beyond the whiteboard, our nutrition counseling, or one on one sessions, just as long as they are honored and scheduled in advance.

Which I believe is fair in comparison to other Crossfit gyms. I want to move onward and upward with this gym and would love to make this my only career one day in the future.

Carl and I have been throwing this stuff back and forth for the past 3-4 months. We want to be able to offer you all more.

More Coaches, equipment, attention, classes, dirty jokes, events, seminars, certifications.

So if you have anyone who is on the fence about joining. Tell em they have 60 days, starting October 1st to join. Or this boat is leaving with or without you.

Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to this gym, once again, this gym wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for the amazing community of people we have here. Or, er, well…dysfunctional family at least. 😀

-CFSB Staff