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Conditioning for the Open

Hey all!

So I am going to open up some time to train with me in case anyone would like to work on conditioning for the open. I intend on doing my programming around these times

Monday: 2:00-4:00

Tuesday 2:00-4:00

Wednesday off

Thursday 2:00-4:00

Friday 2:00-4:00

Saturday 12:00 – 2:00

Sunday off

Now, lets talk about a few caveats.

*These times are not set in stone yet, I don’t mind moving it about an hour forward if it works better for a larger group of people. Once I gauge interest and level of involvement, I will set my schedule in stone.

*These are NOT CLASSES, this is the time when I train, so I will be focusing on my training, meaning, when you look at the programming for the day, you should be able to come in and know what you are doing to train along side me. Training with other people and coaches its nice to have a watchful eye in between sets and reps, and for the competition. But its not the time to teach you every movement from scratch each time.

*This lasts two hours, thats a minimum, it may take longer from time to time, do not expect to come in and fit these workouts in shorter than that.

*If you intend on doing this, it should be your sole training, don’t cherry pick and bounce back and forth between classes and this programming.

*This programming is hard, a little harder and more volume than our regular programming, so If you are still getting pretty beat up from our regular wods, stick with those until you are acing them.

If you are considering it, please let me know and shoot me an email at


Things going on at CFSB!

Wednesday November 21st: Bring a friend day, all day!

CLOSED Thanksgiving and the Friday after. Although I will more than likely be going on both of those days to do a workout, so we will talk open gym times when it gets a little closer.

Mike Cerbus will be coming out to do another Olympic Weightlifting Seminar December 15th.

CFSB Strength Competition registration, price moves up soon! Register here


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