Attention everyone! I will be at the gym to work out from 11:00am – 1:00pm to work out, feel free to come in, its open gym time!

So its that time of year.

There are so many people I owe gratitude to.

This gym is less about the coaches, but more about the special people that fill its walls. Without all of you, there is no gym.

Thank you, to everyone.

Thank you to the members,

The original members that kept this place open during hard times in the past, we wouldn’t be here without you now, you all know who you are.

To all of the past CFSB members that have gone their own way, we miss you and wish you would move back. Back from whatever sh*thole you train at now. (just kidding! just kidding…but really, we miss you guys)

Thank you to all of the new members that are just now learning the ropes, be patient, this stuff takes a little practice…

Thank you to all of our members for coming in every day and working hard, for continuing to learn, and to better yourselves.

Also thank you sometimes for showing up to class on time, and putting your shit away, and listening during class, when it happens…which is sometimes…we really like that shit. 😉

Thank you to the coaches

For keeping the quality of the classes up,  easing the work load of Carl and I, for going above and beyond your responsibility as coaches here at CFSB.

For help with the early mornings and late nights, with the affiliate team and events, for all of the ideas and to help push CFSB into the future.

For continuing to become better coaches every day, for setting good examples for all of the members, and for putting up with all of Carl and I’s shit. We don’t pay you enough for that.

I love working next to all of you, I don’t tell you that enough.

Thank you to Carl

For helping me run this place, for doing such a great job at it, for being reliable, honest, and hard working business partner.

and for having so many pairs of shoes.

and a huge ass.



Thanks everyone 🙂