Olympic Weightlifting

Snatch Balance – Work to a heavy but perfect 3

Front Squat + Jerk (3+1) – From the rack


2 minutes max double unders

Rest 1 minute

8 minutes

5 Deadlifts 275

10 Hand release Push ups

Rest 1 minute

2 minutes max double unders


Fuzzy pictures, I know. Looks better in person.

Mike and April donated a tree for Christmas, Meg donated some white lights! yay! Christmas! All workouts are now performed with the overhead lights off.

The tree doesn’t have ornaments on it yet! Make some of your own hand crafted ornaments to put on the tree however inappropriate they may be!

Here are a few more things coming up at CFSB


CFSB Christmas / New Years party January 26th after the CFSB Olympic Weightlifting Open. More details to come.


CFSB 90 Day Paleo Lifestyle Challenge Registration is open, click here!!


90-Day Paleo Life Style Challenge

I know some of you are probably thinking to yourself 90 days, what happened to 30 days? When discussing the details of this challenge we felt there were a few benefits from the 90-day variation. First we should be able to get some great results in 90 days. Second we like the length of the time and commitment involved in taking it to the 90 days. Third it allows us to show you how to transition from the strict Whole30 to a manageable clean eating lifestyle. Lastly by the end of the 90 days this should be a well-installed habit in your life. We always like to say this is a life style not a diet.

Below is a list of everything you will get once you sign up. Some of the highlights are being assigned a coach to watch over you during these 90 days, the monthly meetings, the every other week “challenge athletes” only workout, and the Finally Party.

You have a little less then a month to prepare for this challenge. That is plenty of time to play with food recipes, find out what works best for you, getting used to preparing your food, looking through your Whole30 guide. There is a nutritional meeting on Thursday December 27th. This is the perfect time to get questions answered and get some good information.

Your spot will only be secured once payment has been received. If we do not get at least 18 participants the challenge will not happen, and we will be taking a max of 30 participants.  Contact Carl at carl@crossfitsouthbend.com for any questions. To secure your spot go to the Eventbrite page

Nutrition Coaches

  • Brandon Wilton
  • Carl Case
  • Robby Gustin

Start Date/End Date

  • January 1st
  • March 31st

What do you get?

  • Measurements at 0,30,60, and 90 days
  • Pictures at 0,30,60, and 90 days
  • Weekly check-ins for first 30 days with their coach
  • Minimum check in every 2 weeks or on individual preference for second 30 days
  • Check ins on individual basis for last 30 days
  • Monthly Group Meetings/Goal Setting/Group Paleo Food tasting
  • A class just for those in the challenge to do a workout together every 2 weeks
  • A daily Email for the first 30 days
  • Finale Party
  • Last but not least a sweet ass shirt


  • Minimum of 18 participants, maximum of 30 participants
  • Journaling for the first 30-45 days
  • Measurements and Pictures
  • Blood work (not a requirement but encouraged if able)


$100 and spot is not secured until payment is made