Olympic Weightlifting

**You are trying to beat your old scores here for Olympic Weightlifting today, click here to look at them!

Hang Snatch: Heavy but perfect set of 3 (**from hip, Full Squat)

Then perform 3×3 @ 90% of Heavy 3

Snatch Lift Off: Heavy but perfect set of 3 (**Mid Thigh)

Then perform 3×3 @ 90% of Heavy 3


Tabata Calorie Row

Tabata Air Squats



Last November On Ramp Class

Again Faster Mic’d Instructor – Fixing the Air Squat

Rowing Trainer Course: Technique with Angela Hart

I want to put out a big thanks to all of those who came out to help clean the gym today, It was a lot of small tasks but it kept Carl and I from being there all day on our day off 🙂 We very much appreciate it.

Now we would like to ask another favor.

Ugly sweater workout on Thursday. I want some nasty kidnapper-serial-killer-looking-christmas sweaters.