Good luck this week on your finals students!!!! I know you are all stressed.

Landes Special

Teams of 4

One Person works at a time.

15 minute amrap

20 Push Press

Mens 85/95/105/115/125/135

Womens 55/65/75/85/95/105

30 Burpees

As a team, conga line format. With each round that is finished, 10lbs is added to the bar.

photo 2-3 photo 3-2

A few other things! We have a toys for tots bin sitting out there if anyone would like to donate!

and I put stockings up for some of the coaches, if any of you would like to fill it up with complaints, coal, razor blades, broken glass, and of that kind of stuff, please do!


photo 1

Swag Sale!

We are having a sale of our old stuff to make way for some new stuff coming in, I will post pictures of what we have, the amount we have left, what size and price.

photo 3-1photo 4-1


CFSB Triple OG Status Endurance Team Shirt

Sizes Left

Xtra Small x 3

Price 12

photo photo 2-2


Abell LTD Sega Font


Med x 1

Small x 3

Price 12

photo 1-2photo 1-1


First Abell Shirt

Sizes Med x 1

Price 12

photo 3photo 2-1


Burgundy Girls Racerback


Med x 1

Price 12

photo 5photo 4


Emerald Girls Racerback


Small x 4

Medium x 4

Large x 2

Price 12


CFSB Embroidered towel

Price 12

Quanitity left x 3