Closed for Mike Cerbus Seminar!

So I will take this opportunity to rant on about a few things.


1.) My favorite Canadian is no longer with us at CFSB. Pam!

She got deported. Not really though, but we will all miss you Pam-ela.

You were such a pleasure to have around, not like all of those other dickhead Canadians.

You give all Canadians a good name 🙂

Its been a pleasure training along side you, I hope its not the last we hear from you.

Bye Pamela 🙂


2.) Kov’s girl Anna from Mishawaka won the Cross Country National Championship!

Congratulations to the two of you! thats awesome!


3.) Our students are going to be gone for a little while over Christmas break, I have had a few questions as to what to work on over Christmas break.

Now this post is mostly for people who do not have Crossfit boxes they are returning to over break, if you are heading home to a box, enjoy the coaching from another coach. Its a good change of things and you’ll get some different coaching styles to draw experience from.

If you aren’t planning on attending a box…

Pick something simple, and get to it. Its one month, and in the grand scheme of a training schedule. One month is really not a long time. But you most definitely can pick a skill and get some improvements on it over break…such as…

a.) Sign up for the Crossfit South Bend Weightlifting Open January 26th: Register Here, and work on the Snatch

Get a PVC Pipe  or a barbell and practice the Burgener warm up, again, and again, and again.

The burgener warm up.pdf

Mikes Gym video’s

Burgener Warm up video

Burgener warm up proficiency test

b.) Go to gymnastics wod, pick a skill, and work on a progression.

Click here to see progressions for things such as…

Backward rolls, Kipping,Burpees, Bridge, Cartwheel, False Grip, Forward roll, Handstand Walk, Handstand push up, Handstand Holds, Levers….etc…etc


Thats it, just work on things that are messing you up. This is probably the most important one for everyone. See how well you can improve your position. Which position, why this one of course.

MWOD Leopard Test

It can be holding anything overhead at home. Take before and after pictures, lets see how much improvement you can make.

d.) Sign up and Prep for the Whole 90 Challenge Register Here

e.)  Pre Order one of the New CFSB Black and Blue Hoodies here, Deadline for pre-order is December 31st Click the link, then select “products”