Olympic Weightlifting

Clean and Jerk 3rm

3×3 @ 90% of 3rm

3 Position Clean Deadlift *Shin/Knee/Hip

Work to a difficult 3


10 minute amrap

10 Supine Ring Rows

10 Deficit Push Ups

Here we go guys, Our first Mobility Wod Leopard Challenge

Details: Free, lets see how well we can improve positioning. There may be some prizes involved though!

Test: Sunday December 30th

We will be taking some preliminary pictures of front, back, and sides to see how close you can get to the Mwod Leopard position.

Retest: Sunday February 3rd



We are starting to get more signing up for the 90 Day Challenge. We are at 6 right now. We would really like to get

this into the double digits. We are going to offer a payment plan since we understand this can be a costly

investment for some and with it being around the holidays a lot of us are a little shorter on money.

Here is how it will work

1) We are going to ask for half of it up front $50

2) The other $50 will be paid back at your comfortability during the 90 days

If this is the option you would like to do email me (carl@crossfitsouthbend.com) since we don’t have this option

available on the eventbrite page.