Olympic Weightlifting

3 Position snatch lift off +  Hang Power Snatch

3 Position clean lift off + Hang Clean and Push Jerk


Alternating Tabata

Deadlifts 225/150


photo 1 photo 2

So, the more we learn people the ways of eating clean. We realize a few things, that a lot of people, are not the best cooks. I had a conversation with Robby about it, he recommended a few things, such as

The great courses online

or perhaps just checking out Julia Childs on youtube?

Take it one recipe at a time, and have a little trial and error. Pick something, start simple, then after a while challenge yourself with more complicated recipes. get the ingredients together, and get to work!  I am pretty sure anything and everything you’ll ever want to know about basic cooking. You can find online, everyone has access to an Iphone or the interwebz through some device. I have also been notified of somewhat of a paleo cooking class being put together as well, I will keep everyone updated when that comes up!

Any other tips out there for resources on learning how to cook? lets hear it from some of the ladies in the gym who do a decent amount of cooking, sound off on the blog!