Beat the Affiliate Team

12 Days of Christmas

1 Muscle Up

2 Shoulder to Overhead 185/125

3 Cleans 185/125 *Full Squat is implied

4 Deadlifts 185/125

5 Handstand Push Ups

6 Toes to Bar

7 Box Jumps 30/24

8 Pull Ups

9 Pistols

10 Double Unders

11 Kettlebell Snatches 55/35

12 Burpees

*Format is as followed. 1…2,1…3,2,1…4,3,2,1…5,4,3,2,1…6,5,4,3,2,1…

get as many reps as possible or finish within the 20 minute cap, scale accordingly.

Score is total repetitions.

Scores to compare to from the cfsb affiliate team.

Laser – 216 reps, Nitro – 196, Viper – 121, Elektra -127, Malibu – 121, Turbo – 206

Game, see if you can match the affiliate team member to the American Gladiator name. There will be a prize involved for everyone who has matched them!


Stole the picture from Jess S. 🙂

No links down here today, just wanted to send a quick message out to all of the people that we won’t be seeing at CFSB over the Holidays. We miss you all and hope you are having a great Christmas.

Send some Crossfitty pictures for me to put up on the blog!!!