Hey All! Closed today for New Years Eve. But! We will be having Open Gym Hours from 10:00am – 1:00pm. That is when the majority of us coaches will be doing our workout, come on in and get a workout in!

Anyone having any “last meals” prior to starting the Whole 90 tomorrow?

Also, I am thinking Sledding at Wilson park is going to be on Tuesday, haven’t decided what time yet though, more than likely a little later in the day for everyone to sleep off hangovers.

and! it looks like Martins Supermarket is hosting a Paleo Cooking Class 

Intro to Paleo
Thurs. 1/17 6:00-8:00pm

Whether you’re familiar with the Paleolithic diet trend or you’re just looking for something to kick start your New Year’s resolution, this class is sure to please! Join Chef Darcy Bloss as she shows you how to modernly mimic the eating habits of the preagricultural hunter-gatherers by making delicious and healthy substitutions your body was genetically designed to eat. The menu will include Paleo Pancakes, Spaghetti Squash with a Beef and Mushroom Ragu, Lettuce Wraps, Paleo Pasta, and Paleo Jambalaya. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity! Demonstration
To register call (574) 807-8220. (Granger)

Just as a warning, it looks like it maybe more Paleo “snacks” than anything. So just keep that in mind while you are there.