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On Ramp Wod 

Skill: Air Squat, Push Up

Strength: Back Squat, Push Up


200m run



Air Squat

Sit Up


200m run


Before all of you CFSB members go checking this and  thinking its your daily wod, its not! I am going to start posting the On Ramp classes workout as well.

And for all of you On Ramp people!

I will be posting your workout as well as skill work and some informative links if you want to get a little info on the movement prior to performing it in class (if you’ll notice some of the movements in the workout are hyperlinked.) You can expect it to go up the night before your class, somewhere around…lets say 8:00 -10:00. If you want them sent directly to your inbox you can sign up to receive posts from our blog if you look along…

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