Front Squat- Heavy 3

Jerk- Heavy 3


Pull Ups – 3x max reps or 3rm weighted pull ups


Tabata Row

*Men 1000m, Female 850m
*Perform 1 burpee for every 5 meters below 1000 meters.



Carl, Deezy, and Mike.

Optimizing your performance for the open


I won’t be terribly technical about the whys, more importantly just the whats and the hows. Want to optimize your performance for the Crossfit Open coming up? Here are a few tips.

1.Get sleep, get rest, don’t stress

Reading: Sleeping for performance – Crossfit Journal

2.Eat clean / Drink PLENTY of water

Should I really have to tell you the benefits of eating clean and performance?

Read: Talk to me johnnie – Earn your Carbs 

Read:The beginners guide to Paleo Diet – Nerd Fitness

Watch: Hydration Advice Crossfit Endurance

3. Taper your week


Competition Tapering by Crossfit Impulse 

A Couple examples on how to structure your week here

4. Come up with a strategy


The wod is released on a wednesday night at 8:00pm, the following day’s wod on Thursday will have a HEAVY skill and strategy warm up pertaining to that wod in particular. Want to pick our brains about strategy? want to know what skills to practice? now is the time to do it!

Also, Familiarize yourself with the possible movements. I posted an entire list of all of the movements that could pop up in the open here.

To game or not to game – Crossfit Journal

5. Be as mobile as possible

Fix what you can, not only to reach the acceptable range of motion with no issues, but also to increase your bodies efficiency to move the weight without working harder than it needs to. Go to the link below, type in your problem in particular and watch all of the mobilitywods. If thats too complicated, start with “Day 1” by searching for it in the websites search bar, and go day by day from there.

6. Warm up/Cool Down correctly

“The goal of any good pre-practice/pre-game warm-up routine is to completely prepare the player-athlete for the rigors and responsibilities of the session ahead.  It is not enough that good pre-session movement routines strive to protect athletes from injury.  Pre-game/practice warm-up is a real opportunity to increase athletic performance by increasing the speed, power, and work outputs while simultaneously protecting athletes from avoidable injury and strain. ” – CFFB

Read: CFFB Warm Up

Read: Our Warm up is our Warm up – Catalyst Athletics

Watch: Mobility, Training, and Flexiblity prep- Catalyst Athletics

Watch: Dutch Lowey warm up

Watch: the Chris Spealler warm up

7. Supplements


Supplements part 1 – Evaluation Checklist 

Supplements part 2 – whats in our cabinet

8. Don’t change anything on game day!

Don’t add in anything you wouldn’t normally do on game day. If you have been training right you leave the experimentation to training and NOT competition day. Go with everything that makes you comfortable for the workout, don’t rock the boat.

Coaches! Chime in, anything to elaborate on or add? Post to comments!