Bring a friend day AND they are announcing the wod tonight for the open! Yippee!

Teams of 2

4 minute amrap

Wall Balls

Rest 3 minutes

10 Rounds

90 Second amrap each round.

15 Overhead Squats

20 Hand Release Push Ups

One Partner must remain across the room. Every 90 seconds the timer will go off and they must perform a shuttle sprint to tag their partner in, who must perform a shuttle sprint to get back across the room to continue the repetitions.

2013 pc trail run

Potato Creek Trail Run!!! More Info Here 

The Games are on!

Guess the movement(s) for that week in the Crossfit Open

$1 per guess, winner gets the pot.

Once that movement has been chosen, it cannot be chosen again for that week.

You have to guess EXACTLY what the movement is. If your guess was “burpees” and the wod was “burpees and pull ups” you don’t get the pot. If no one guesses correctly. The pot rolls over to the next week. Your guess is not secure until you have put your guess and name on your dollar and given it to us.

You have until 8:00pm Wednesday night to get your guesses in for week 1!

We will be taking  guesses every week as soon as the prior wod is released.


Don’t forget! Skill sessions all day Thursday and Skills class with Caitlin on Sunday @ 12:00 noon!

and what?! Here are some wonderful muscle up PR’s by Sarah and Robb!!