We had a ton of people do Wod 13.1 Last night! wonderful work everyone!!!! Its so awesome to watch everyone work so hard!

Don’t forget to submit your scores!


Low Hang Clean & Push Jerk (3+1)

As Heavy as possible, every 2:00 minutes for 10 minutes (6 sets)

NOTE: Hang Cleans are from below the knee, and as always, into the full squat, you will perform three prior to performing ONE push jerk.

Terminology note: Typically “hang” with no further qualifier refers to starting position with the bar between the top of the knees and mid-thigh…Typically, unless further qualified in the instructions for the days wod where it states we would like the hang to be below the knee.

If we do NOT elaborate, assume “hang” means between the top of the knee and mid thigh, if we state otherwise, (Hi Hang, Tall, Low Hang, etc) perform otherwise. You will notice that the video the gentleman stops at the knee mid patella, in a low hang the video would show the bar heading to mid shin.

So in this case, I would prefer a hang clean, where the bar, instead of stopping at the patella, would pass slightly lower than the knee.




Back Squats 185/135 *Must be pulled from ground

Kettlebell Swings 55/35 *American Style

Cash Out

Accumulate as many double unders or double under attempts in 2 minutes as possible

We have had quite a few people say they cannot find the validation times, so now I am posting them in TWO different locations. One is (the tab up top that says “2013 CFSB Crossfit Open Details“) and the second, if you are on your computer, glance to the right and look where it says “upcoming events” all of our available validation times are RIGHT THERE. lol

I am not sure if I have posted this to the blog before, but Em Clem below busting out some strict muscle ups!

Keep on sending those PR’s our way everyone!! Do it!