Attention All: Our Crossfit South Bend 4 Year Anniversary will be celebrated on Saturday May 4th. More details to come this week.


Snatch 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2


12 Power Cleans 185/125

21 Hand Release Push Ups

9 Power Cleans

18 Hand Release Push Ups

6 Power Cleans

15 Hand Release Push Ups

3 Power Cleans

12 Hand Release Push Ups

15 minute cap

Cash Out: Accumulate 30 Chin ups, using a scaling (whether banded or weighted) that is difficult for a set of 6-8


Thank you Chad for creating this wonderful meme based off of a new term we talked about this morning.

To Ghost Ride a lift, is to not give enough effort toward a lift resulting in a failed attempt, it is to compare that lift to Nicolas Cages acting career, more specifically the travesty of a movie that is Ghost Rider.

Also, we are missing some guys for some potential CFFB Strength Competition Teams

Women Interested

Jamie, Dana?, Jess S, Melissa, Dawn.



You need to have at least one person of the opposite sex for each team. So if you are a guy and want to get in on the action, step up!