Crossfit South Bend Strength and Conditioning Begins Today! 

Also, any of you CFFB’ers in the gym want to chime in on this weeks posts, feel free to do so!


Squat 5rm *Beat your last attempts 

Bench 3rm *Beat your last attempts 


4 Rounds

25 Goblet Squats 55/35

400m Run

Okay, so there are roughly about 20 of us going to compete in the Power Athlete competition coming up on June 15th. Giving us about 25 days until the competition. Or 3 training weeks and a deload week. I have had a few questions along the lines of “what should I do in the weeks remaining.”

Most of us competing are relatively novice strength athletes, and our training isn’t set up to peak on June 15th, now I understand there are plenty of ways to get better in a short amount of time.  Here are a few ways to make the most of your individual lift with the time remaining, and with the training time you have available in the gym. Keep in mind this post is also more about sets and reps and less about technique, we will keep that to some posts later in the week.  I will talk about tapering your final week as well, so keep to the posts this week on the blog.

1. Familiarize yourself with some of the Crossfit Football workouts

and the Power Athlete Team Series rules and details

2. Work on your “Violent hip extension, and change of direction” which is their canned statement on what you will see on some of the wods involved. Work on your short sprints and cutting, prowler pushing, scour CFFB for some movements you perhaps have not performed, and get to workin’

3. General

*Work on your damn mobility, as frequent and as often as possible

*Clean up your diet, you’d be surprised what a clean diet would do in near 30 days (not to mention you are scored off of a bodyweight coefficient)

* Set a 1rm as soon as you can, early. You need to know what you are working with, and make sure its a good 1rm, none of that “iffy rep” shit

*Study and Practice the movement. Don’t just DO the movement, THINK about the movement you are performing, grab a coach, ask us to take a look at your movement and we can pick it apart together. Keep to the posts this week and we will be posting some tips about each movement as well.

*Ditch what our strength is (only if we happen to be your assigned lift that day) and do your assigned strength

*Plan your sets out, write them down, your warm up sets, and attempts, be smart about them, if in training, a 225lb power clean is what you hit when the moon is full and the wind is coming out of the east, and the temperature has to be just right…maybe you shouldn’t open so high for your first attempt.

4. TRAIN – Keep the main thing the main thing. If you have to back off of other things to prioritize recovery for your lift, then do so.

Back Squat

* hit 4-5 singles working up to 90% of your 1rm every day you come in. The two variables to get used to that max and not be surprised when competition comes around is, “heavy” and “frequent” Do this upwards to about 6 days a week.


*This lift isn’t like the back squat or power clean, something that you can perform regularly because of its high demand on your nervous system. once a week (now you have 3 weeks remaining) Pull a heavy 5rm, make sure you bring the bar to a rest with each repetition, DO NOT PRACTICE BOUNCING.

*Power Clean

This is something that I would recommend working 2-3 times a week up to 90% of your 1rm, then a couple more times working technique work from different positions, hangs, below the knee, 3 position, etc. whatever tends to make you fail the lift. Make sure you have your warm up sets carefully planned for this one, don’t be afraid to put a decent amount of sets prior to your actual power clean attempt. Most of you, strength isn’t the issue, its technique, so sticking to lower weights and working technique will be key here, remember, you are practicing making lifts, not missing them, and you will feel different from day to do, so go by feel, sometimes 90% feels a little heavier some days and you may need to back off.

*Bench Press

A little like the power clean, I would say work up to 90% of your max about 2 times a week, throw in plenty of warm up sets and work on bar speed and technique with this one, a little shoulder rehab goes a long way with this one so hit up the diesel crew shoulder rehab work.