we have a different goal for todays wod, read the article below

Did you go as fast as Khalipa? – Words with Lisbeth

Scale your weight or distance accordingly to finish the wod within the time cap.

Time Cap: 11:36 Seconds,(Jason Khalipa’s PR)



5 Rounds

400m run

Overhead squat, 15 reps 95/65#

Also, Emmy and I are getting hitched soon, and you are all invited šŸ™‚

Bring a Friend Day and On Ramp Graduation! Welcome to the Classes Everyone šŸ˜€

John Deezy’s new life, thanks for sending that deezy, such a simple life…

Jason Deboni, 8 reps at 310, which was his old one rep max, after doing a strength cycle for a while. Boom