Squat 3rm

Push Press 5rm, then perform one set of max repetitions at 80%


5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts 185/125

21 Double Unders


Dana Spencer, taking that last walk out of the CFSB doors. We gonna miss you D. Spence, don’t be a stranger. 🙂 Lets have a moment of silence for another Crossfitter leaving CFSB.


The Crossfit South Bend Board

So Em Clem came to me with a good idea she had discovered, a board featuring all of our Crossfit South Bend members who offer products or services. We work to create a community of likeminded individuals, and we want to support a fellow CFSBer when we can. The CFSB Board is an opportunity for any member here to list any product or services you are willing to offer to the rest of the community here! With a web page that gets over 1500 views a day, and a member base here of over 150 people, we would love to get your business out there a little more!

If you could send me an email with…

Your name and business name

What you do and what you have to offer, maybe a little explanation of your product/service

Your business contact info: phone, email, website, etc.

Any pictures you would like to include, a headshot so people can recognize you in here, or a logo of your business and such.

Whether you are a photographer, a yoga studio owner, a paleo chef, I would like for CFSBers to “buy local” with other CFSBers and support!