Every 3 minutes for 9 minutes (3 attempts, 0:00-3:00-6:00)

3rm Overhead Squat

Score is sum of all 3 attempts


Partition the Swings/Toes to Bar however you’d like to get it done

50 Kettlebell Swings 70/55 *American Style

70 Toes to Bar

Cash out: 300 Yard Shuttle

*Your time stops when you finish your 300 Yard shuttle


A completely unrelated pic that is awesome.

About Us

I’ve been meaning to write an “About Us” section on the blog for some time now, I guess i’ll get to it eventually. Something that explains why we do what we do, something that you can really feel when you read it. I’ve looked at other Crossfit Blogs, I’ve seen quite a few. I see the black and white numbers, explaining their Facilities, Coaches, Credentials, and Programming.

Which does give you a little bit of information about that Crossfit gym.

But as we have students leaving this year, a lot of them for good. I do get a lot of questions about the areas they are moving in to.

“Have you heard of any of the gyms in that particular area, are any of them any good.”

Most of the time I will go through a stalk them a bit, you can tell a lot about a gym by the way they program, about how their website is set up. But only so much. I mean, I’ve seen amazing boxes with horrible programming, poorly equipped gyms with amazing coaches, very expensively equipped gyms with bad coaches, there is a big assortment out there of Crossfit gyms.

The programming is your product, your tool, which is only as useful as the person using that tool, also along that same point, the programming is only as useful if the athlete is following it correctly as well.

I’ve had that questioned asked of me from a mid day phone conversation. “What makes you different than the other Crossfit gyms in the area?”

My usual response to the students, and to the fellow on the phone.

Try all of them in the area, most Crossfit gyms worth their salt will let you drop in once or twice, (and even if they don’t, I mean, this IS a business.) See if you can bounce around for a month or so at each gym, get a membership, get a feel for the gym atmosphere, the community at the gym, a good training environment is one of the most important things.

Most of you have learned that your training life is not set in months, but years of future training. So what is a few months to find out the right fit for long term training?

Meh, but not everyone gets the idea of how a Crossfit gym is different

But lets circle back around and talk about “us”

What is just as important as the programming, is why we do what we do. The how is most definitely important as well. But why do we get out of bed in the morning.

I get out of bed in the morning because I love doing what I do here. I want people to leave the doorway feeling better than when they came in, I want them to be more confident, able-bodied, and 2 steps closer to whatever goal they may have. I hope that all of the hard work, working toward and attaining goals, will spill over into other aspects of their lives. I hope that when they leave Crossfit South Bend, whether it be for good or just for the night, that they can’t wait to come back. I hope they come in for the training, for the hard work, for the progress, but never want to leave because of the community.

Carl and I believe what we do here, and so do our coaches.

I’ve stayed late working, and slept on the floors of the gym here to wake up and coach class in the morning. Carl went without pay for quite a long time, just to see this gym succeed. I could share plenty of startup business horrors with you, but I won’t

The coaches that we hire on reflect that purpose, they coach with passion. Because they love to do it. Not because they don’t give a damn about you and want to collect a paycheck.

So to all of my exiting Crossfitters that inspired this post today, make sure you find out a little about them before you make your decision. You will all be a part of the stories we tell to our future Crossfitters, and you’ll go up on the Crossfit South Bend Wall of Fame.

Everyone except Bryce

He will from now on be referred to as “He who will not be named” and any record of him ever attending this gym will be wiped clean.


I’m not saying any of your new gyms are going to care about you like we do but…

They won’t

So they can suck it.