Again Faster Wod #15

You will have four movements, each of which are prescribed a point value per rep. You will choose one movement to do for 4:00, then another to do for 3:00, another for 2:00 and the final for 1:00. Like FGB, there is no rest between movements. As soon as the first 4 minutes are over, you move immediately into your next movement. You will choose which movement you do for what amount of time.

The point value and the order (4mins, 3mins, 2, 1) doesn’t change. The movements (and the point value of each rep):

Anchored Abmat Situps (1pt)

Row for Calories (2pts)

Push Jerk PP/PJ (95#/65#) (3pts)

Squat Cleans (185#/135#) (4pts)


What is different about the photo this time? Thanks Mad Photoshopper, lol