The Summer Strength and Conditioning Program Begins TODAY at noon! If you signed up, we will expect to see you there! There is still time to sign up for this if you are still interested! 😀 


Squat 10rm, compare to last results here


7 Rounds for time

Sprint 100m

10 Pull Ups

Sprint 100m

10 Burpees

Rest 30 seconds between rounds, 15 minute time cap

Also, the BA Caitlin Mills Shirts are in, remember, these, that were posted to the blog about a million times for pre-order, and were announced about 10 million times during class?

The shirts are so BA, they came with complimentary ninja weapons.

So, we ordered about 50 of them, we have 15 left, in assorted sizes. So my apologies if we have none left in your size! we warned you. Move your ass next time.

and now here are some completely unrelated pictures