10 Rope Climbs

40 Back Squats 225/150

50 Handstand Push Ups 

*Just a word of warning…WEAR SOMETHING TO PROTECT YOU DURING ROPE CLIMBS TODAY. Long Socks, Sweatpants, Thick bandage material, a bandana, armor plating, one of these things , soccer shin guards, laced garters, thigh highs, crocheted leggings, english leather riding pants, leather chaps, giant professional halloween costumes…You get the idea, anything is better than tearing your shins to shreds. Post other ideas to comments.

Another Call Out there for questions anyone may have about the Power Athlete Team Series…Post to Comments, warm up questions? working up to your heavy single? equipment prep?!?! Any questions, don’t wait until some of us are warming up for our lifts to ask them!