Stay tuned to the blog later this week for some more pics and videos from the competition! Still gathering them all 😀



Beat the CFSB competitor wod 3

7 minute ladder

1 Lateral Box Over

1 Chest to Bar Pull up

1  10 yard Shuttle (sprint/backpedal)

2 Lateral Box Over

2 Chest to Bar Pull up

1  10 yard Shuttle (sprint/backpedal)

3 Lateral Box Over

3 Chest to Bar Pull up

1  10 yard Shuttle (sprint/backpedal)

*The lateral box over and pull up increase by 1 repetition each round. Score is total repetitions.

Like this one? here is another interesting one by Joshua Foer memory competitions


*Next Bring a friend day! Saturday June 22nd

*Emily and Brandon’s Wedding! If you haven’t heard, you are all invited! We have about 80 CFSB members attending, so if you’d like to get to know everyone a bit better 🙂 You are all invited to help celebrate at our wedding –> Friday June 28th Click here to RSVP

*Free trip to the Digital Visualization Theater on July 13th at 4:00pm Courtesy of Dr. Keith Davis. If you haven’t been there, its an awesome experience, I’ll be posting a map and more details when it gets closer!

*CFSB Strength Competition Saturday July 20th, PRICE TO REGISTER WILL MOVE UP FROM $30 TO $50 ON JULY 1ST. So don’t procrastinate. Click here to Register

*31 Heroes wod on August 10th, more details here!

*Whole 9 Seminar August 11th, BIG DEAL HERE. This isn’t something that happens too often! We will be posting more details on this later on in the week!