Front Squat 2rm

Floor Press 5×3

Beat the CFSB Competitor Wod

8 Rounds

20 seconds of work

20 seconds of rest

at the top of every 20 Seconds of work, perform a 20 Yard Shuttle

with the remaining time, as many reps as possible Kettlebell Snatches 55/35

Score is your total repetitions in the kettlebell snatch

Carl C and Brandon W

Hey guys,

August 2013 is going to be Paleo Nutrition month at CFSB. There will be some great nutrition events going on here at CFSB in August. Today I’ll talk about two of them and then in a few weeks I’ll announce the third one.1. Whole9 Seminar at Crossfit South Bend!First, and most importantly, on Sunday August 11th from 9am to 4pm we will be hosting a Whole9 Seminar at Crossfit South Bend. Most of you are familiar with Whole9 from our Whole30 challenges, and from the guidebook that we hand out on nutrition. If you’re not familiar with Whole9, they are one of the absolute best information sources on Paleo (their website is If you have any interest in losing weight, improving health, or increasing longevity you should definitely sign up for this seminar. It will explain the basic science behind Paleo, ways to practically implement Paleo, and tips and tricks to achieve your health goals.The cost of the seminar is only $100 (For perspective:  most other Crossfit seminars cost from $300 to $1000). My goal is to have as many Crossfit South Bend members as possible attending this seminar. We want to give you guys the opportunity to register for this seminar before anyone else. So we’re making registration exclusive to Crossfit South Bend until July 1st when we’ll open up registration to other people in the area. If you sign up for the seminar you’ll get an automatic 50% off the cost of participating in our official gym wide whole30. $100 is the cost of the seminar for people who register early so make sure to register now if you’re interested.Here is the link to sign up:

2. August Whole30Do you want to give healthy nutrition a try, but you’re unsure about doing it on your own? From August 1st to August 30th we will be running an official gym-wide Whole30. For those of you unfamiliar with a Whole30 it’s 30 days straight of clean eating to make you feel better, lose weight, and be healthier. It will $30 a person to sign up, and with that $30 you will be getting weekly food journal advice from us, before and after pictures and measurements, as well as Q&A sessions to help you through the Whole 30. Remember if you sign up for the seminar the cost of your Whole30 drops to just $15. We will be limiting enrollment to 30 people to maintain quality. Your spot is only secured once you have brought your money to the gym.Doing your Whole30 in August will also be great because Dallas and Melissa (of the Whole9) will be hosting an official Whole30 on their website in August. This means you can do the Whole30 with thousands of other people across the globe, and exchange tips and stories online with them.If you have any questions feel free to talk to me in the gym or e-mail me at