50 Hang Power Cleans 135/95

Every time you drop the bar perform a 10 yard pinch plate carry 45/25

I’d like to formally congratulate our awesome Coach Robby Gustin on his engagement! Any words of advice for him? post to comments.

I’m actually writing this post on Thursday, to prep for the weekend of being busy…so I’ll post my future marriage advice, before I am married, being married for what, like…220 hours now?

*Robby, we have known each other for quite some time now, you are an amazing coach and an absolutely wonderful person, I am glad to call the both of you my friends.

But I am pretty sure she is planning on killing you, so run, run while you can. I have known her longer than you, I’ve seen her stab a guy in the neck with a butter knife when she was in college.

Just Kidding, I wish you guys the best 🙂