Front Squat 3rm

Bench Press 3rm


EMOM 10 minutes

5 Thrusters 135/95

15 Double Unders

*The way this wod works…start off heavy, as heavy as you think you can, but make sure you keep “change” on the bar in case you have to strip weight off, once you take weight off you MAY NOT add it back on. Your score is the weight you have left on the bar at the end.

*An extra annotation shall be put on the board if all double unders are done unbroken.

I will be extending the picture contest (click here) until the end of this week! get em in now! we have about 6 photos in the challenge!


These two are going to be leaving soon 😦  Stay tuned in this week for a going away party announcement!

One of them is going off to pursue excellence

and that other one…is the stuff of legends…