Oh, whats going on this weekend? just bring a friend day and On Ramp graduation, so…a lot of stuff. Bring your friends, your friends friends, and tell your friends to bring their grandparents, lets make this shit crazy. 


Snatch Deadlift+ Hang Snatch Pull+Power Snatch

Warm up to a heavy set and perform 4-7 sets of something that is heavy, but technically sound.

*In the snatch deadlift, you will not return the bar to the floor after standing up, work on loading the glutes and tight stomach to the top of the knee where you will perform the hang snatch pull, return the bar to the lap, load glutes and tight stomach again, stay connected to the bar while bringing the bar to the floor for the power snatch.

Emphasis on staying over the bar and pulling the bar into “pockets”

Watch this video to get you going for some complexes today

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Tabata, Kinda

20 Seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest, 12 rounds


Deadlift 225/150

Pull Ups

competition scaling: for those of you intending on competing, do all pull ups as chest to bar pull ups

Strong is Sexy, watch the video below for some wonderful weightlifting

Also, batman can’t stop thinking about sex – Not Safe For work, or your kids