Tomorrow! Bring a friend day AND On Ramp graduation! Bring yo friends, all of them. 


Its Bryce’s Last weekend here, click here, show up, and give him some love.


Clean deadlift to knee + Clean deadlift + Power Clean

**Work up to and perform 4-7 heavy sets of the complex


10 minute amrap

4 Kettlebell Swings 70/55

6 Box Overs 24/20

8 Hand Release Push Ups

*If you can perform 4 strict handstand push ups, you may change the 8 hand release push ups to 4 handstand push ups.

photo copy photo copy 2

July On Ramp graduation! 16 deep! My mother in law is outside and not pictured. lol.

Improving squat depth and position – Chad Vaughn

Strap use – Chad Vaughn