2013 Crossfit Games Wod

Cinco 1

Three rounds

5 deadlift 405/265

5 pistols right leg 53/35

5 pistols left leg 53/35
Cash Out: Then 80ft handstand walk

12 minute cap (the games athletes had 7 minutes, by the way)


Lets talk about Scaling

This, is a very daunting workout. The deadlifts are heavy, the skill level is high. This workout is basically going to be a tutorial on how to scale a very difficult workout to your own individual skill level.


We are going to be sticking to about 60-80% of your 1rm,  or something that is difficult for a 5, so, don’t argue with the coach expecting to do 110% of your 1rm for 15 reps.


Familiarize yourself with some of these pistol progressions, scroll down and watch 1-4 of the progressions.

Handstand Walk 

Also, click here to familiarize yourself with shoulder taps as some of the scaling for Handstand Walks

even if you cannot perform some of these progressions, we will most definitely have a progression for you!