Teams of 2

16 minute amrap

800m Buy in

with the time remaining in the amrap, perform as many rounds as possible of…

50 Shoulder to Overhead

50 Front Rack Lunges (walking, yes I understand the demo is in place)

50 Push Ups (want some sweet push up info? here are 3 awesome videos pg1,  pg2,  pg3, )

50 Toes to Bar

Score is total repetitions, if you are new, and unsure of the movements, I linked the movements to some little quick info videos!


Picture contest winner: Jamie Girton!

A suprising amount of people voted, Jamie won by a small amount! it was actually pretty darn close, I think there were about 48 votes for Jamie’s, and Geena’s came in close second with about 43 or so! You’ll get your prize soon 🙂


Here is Geena’s that was a close second


stay tuned this week for the videos from the Strength Comp!

Also, here are some pics from 31 Heroes! BOOM!