Attention: Its student welcome week! if you are a student, welcome back! all of our classes are free Today, Monday August 26th through Friday August 30th. So Enjoy!

Now I must tell you, our programming has been changed ever so slightly for this week, so we won’t be having quite as many technical movements or strength training as we typically would. So don’t be afraid if you see a movement you are unfamiliar with. With all of the new people coming in this week, we aren’t familiar with everyones skill level quite yet, so if you decide to get things going after this week is over, check out on On Ramp here, so we can get into all of that complicated business after the week is over!


Rowing Technique


Teams of 2

2 Rounds
21 Air Squats
100m Run
15 Push Ups
100m Run
9 Box Jumps
100m Run

The way this works!

* partner A would do 21 Air Squats, then run 100m and tag partner B, who will then start their round of 21 Air Squats, running 100m then tagging partner A, who would do their push ups…so on and so forth down the line. This is TWO rounds, so each person will have gone through the series of 21-15-9 twice.

Some fun stuff from our Ray Ray’s Haters throw down wod 4, Hill Runs, Kettlebell Swings, Burpees, Target Shooting