Last Day of the Student Welcome Week is today! come one come all! 😀


Press / Push Press


18 Minute amrap

400m Medicine Ball Run

8 Push Press 95/65 ( While one partner holds the medicine ball)

8 Push Press 95/65 (While one partner holds the medicine ball)

16 Burpee over Partner

Once the ball is picked up during the medicine ball runs, it cannot be dropped until both partner have finished their push presses, if the ball is dropped, each partner must stop and do one burpee each before continuing.

Post partner and results to comments 🙂 YES, I am going to ask you guys to start posting your stuff to comments again so that we can track them a little easier, I’ll start tagging these wods so that they are easy to search.

It was Ben’s last day today! Ben, we are going to miss you, at least we get you cleaning into the full squat and doing a few muscle ups on your last day. BTW! the first muscle up was much prettier, this was the second one. BE CAREFUL about controlling the rings to your side and not shooting through on the muscle up. That shit is bad on your shoulders 🙂

Good luck to you Ben, keep in touch and let me know how your Crossfit is going!

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