Hey there guys, pretty soon we are ordering more equipment, along with that order, we are hitting up some nice new jump ropes, but before we do, lets have a talk.

If you buy your own jump rope, (click here, rogue has a wonderful selection, I prefer the SR-1S Short handle) you can do whatever the hell you want with your own jump rope, name it, tape it up, color it with nail polish, write your name on it, hide it in secret corners of the gym because its your lucky jump rope. But here are some things you should not do with our jump ropes.

1. Don’t tie knots in our damn jump ropes, they will not shape back to normal. You may see us doing it with some of the rubber jump ropes, its because they will return to their original shape. THESE WILL NOT, what is DOES do, is ruin the rope, permanently.

photo 4 copyphoto copy 3

2. I don’t care how mad you get, don’t throw them, it busts the end off, see that little white piece exposed there? it hides inside the jump rope so that it can turn easily, with it exposed, your hand catches on to it and makes it very difficult to use. This can also be caused by not putting your rope up, and it gets stepped on.

photo 3 copy

3. Jump roping outside. Any jump rope supplier, that you may order from, rogue or again faster, wherever you get it. Will tell you not to jump rope outside, the concrete chews the rope up, literally within about 3-4 uses outside, it frays the center of the rope and splits them, and if you thought hitting yourself with a rope covered in rubber hurt, try hitting yourself with one thats frayed.

photo 1 copy

photo 2 copy

4. The white part at the top is meant to spin, I don’t know who did this. But…wtf? Don’t put any tape on the damn jump ropes.

photo 3 copy 2

5. This doesn’t just go for jump ropes, this goes for all of our pieces of equipment, we don’t tell you things just because we are being a pain in the ass. When we say don’t drag the sandbags outside, its because this happens, the bag gets torn to shreds

photo 2 copy 2

If we say don’t drop them from the shoulders, because again faster told us they weren’t mean to be slammed, its because the clips break

photo 1 copy 2