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Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes

3 TNG Power Cleans 

*TNG = Touch and Go


With a partner

3 minutes max effort Toes to Bar

3 minutes max effort Wall Balls

3 minutes max effort Double Unders

*Plan this stuff out accordingly, neither of you should stop moving the entire time through this workout.

We re-painted the marks for all of the runs…you literally, cannot miss them, if you do, you deserve to run until your legs fall off of your body

Out there you’ll see

100m mark next to a pukie the clown

200m mark next to a pukie the clown

400m mark next to a pukie the clown

800m mark next to a pukie the clown

and in between some of them, at a 300m, 500m, 600m, and 700m you’ll see one of these symbols below on the ground, it should give you some more effective pacing for your runs