Again guys, if you never really check, the stuff in red (I try to make it obvious) is typically hyperlinked to informational videos pertaining to that movement. 


Squat Heavy Single

Perform 3×1 @ 90% of Heavy Single

*Rest 3:00 minutes between sets


6 minute amrap

1 20 Yard Shuttle

1 Kettlebell Swing 55/35

1 20 Yard Shuttle

2 Kettlebell Swings 55/35

1 20 Yard Shuttle

3 Kettlebell Swings 55/35

Continue up the ladder as long as you are able in the time allotted

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The Coaches and I want to throw some props to a couple people, Katrina and Emily Clem here at Crossfit South Bend

Barbells For Boobs (Click here for our Fundraising page)

Total Raised: $1,160, over half of it has been raised by Katrina

She has also made donations to our Wades army Fundraising Page as well

Emily Clem is responsible for over half of the $515 Raised thus far for Wades Army

Way to go girls. Everyone else as well, keep up the good work!