Every 90 Seconds for 6 Rounds

5 TNG (Touch and Go) power clean and jerks


14 Rounds

30 Seconds to complete…

4 Toes to Bar, Max effort burpees in time remaining

30 Seconds rest


Heavy but keep the reps snappy and with constant motion (NO PAUSES) for A

keep the feet in the same position for the TNG work.

Try to keep the toes to bar unbroken and pace out the burpees, don’t fly and die.

zombies run

So it seems a lot of the gym members, and from what I can hear a lot of people, are coming down with colds, thank you for staying out of the gym if you are sick. Stay home, don’t turn us into zombies too 🙂 You may feel “well enough” to work out…but soon you will get a lot of people into the same boat as you.

ANOTHER thing that has come to my attention from a lot of people as they float into my inbox, is people asking how this place got their email address. I believe the BJJ place that used to rent space out of the gym scooped up a lot of the CFers emails off of a mailing list that we shared before he left a year or so ago (our new members won’t have this issue, and I believe its only a small percentage of people he could get a hold of) my apologies for him spamming your inbox older members. If you’ll notice at the bottom there is an “unsubscribe button” that should take care of it.