A1. Floating Power Clean – Heavy but perfect 1-1-1

Rest 90 Seconds

A2. 3 x Max Repetitions Strict Chin Ups or 5-5-5 Weighted Chin Ups

Rest 90 Seconds

B. Emo Tabata Diane

8 Rounds

Deadlift Max Repetitions in 20 Seconds 225#/155#

Rest 10 Seconds

Handstand Push Ups Max Repetitions in 20 Seconds

Rest 10 Seconds


For the floating power clean, you will pull the bar off the ground, pause, then perform a power clean.

For A1 and A2, bounce back and forth between your sets, for instance you would perform your power clean, then rest 90 seconds, perform your strict chin ups set, rest 90 seconds, then move back to your floating power clean, repeat until all three sets for each exercise are done

If you cannot perform the deadlifts and handstand push ups (even the scaled ones) to our standards, your scaling will be a lower weight and push ups, focus is on performing these two movements technically sound 

Handstand Push Ups are regionals Standards

Deadlift Standards are here

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Lets kick off PR Friday with Bri Squatting 245# for a double…

Then lets head over here below and take a look at Savannah Crushing her old Isabel Score with a 2:41

Amy PR’d with a 143 Clean

Then Ed pulled a PR Deuce, OHS and Clean PR, a little more technique work and he could PR again within the next couple weeks