Had a question yesterday about shoes for Crossfit, I’ve made this post quite a few times and talked pretty extensively on it in the past. I know its also been written and rewritten a lot since then, so I thought I would answer the question with a few links and my own personal opinion.


Before the links and the slideshow…below, here are my two cents on shoes

You’ll notice if you google “Crossfit” and “Shoes” there are about 20 crossfit blogs (or more) that have done the same post…again…and again…and again

Its the same shoe posted over and over, Reebok Nano, Reebok Oly, Converse, New Balance, Innov8, Vibram, Strictly Olympic weightlifting shoe.

Strictly Olympic Weightlifting Shoe: Unless you are intending on doing Crossfit for a long period of time, or are doing strictly an olympic weightlifting cycle. Or if you have extra money to burn, you really don’t need olympic weightlifting shoes. These kick your heel up and make it a little easier to have a more upright torso in the squat, which is what is needed for Olympic Weightlifting. They are wonderful to have, and I love my Nike romaleos, Adidas has some nice brands out there, Adistar and the new ones Adizero. If you have ankle flexiblity issues they do help a little with that in weightlifting, but your FIRST line of defense should be getting better ankle flexibility in a barefoot position before treating the symptom and not the source of the problem with shoes.

Converse, Reebok Nano, Innov8, New Balance, Vibram: Kind of a minimalist shoe depending on what type you get, typically a 0 drop from back to front, I like them as an all purpose all around crossfit shoe, I did like my nano’s…but reeboks customer service blows, and I have a hard time being loyal to someone with really bad customer service. I’ll probably never buy another pair, which is a shame, because I really did like them.  I have had success with Innov8 in the past on all of my runs and have never tried their new shoe that is geared toward crossfit, so I may give that a go. But the Converse are good all around shoes for Crossfit, better on the lifting side than for running I think, I always feel a little awkward in my converse when I run because the bottoms of the shoes don’t flex as much as some of the other shoes, they are also a little narrower and I prefer a wider toe box. The plus for the nanos now is that you can get them at dicks sporting goods I think, its always nice to try them on before you buy em. The new balance and vibrams are a little more on the minimalist side, BE CAREFUL with too much of a minimalist shoe, its rough on your feet when you first get them and decide you want to go running with them.

Reebok Oly: These are okay for gymnastics types movements (not running) and some oly work, if you are doing box jumps and snatch balances, these are pretty good shoes to have, these are definitely a specialty shoe though.

Overall, If you are in the market for a shoe, get one type of shoe, something you can perform everything with, and get really damn good at doing everything in that shoe, as you get better, learn what the other shoes are for, when, where and how to use them. Go with Converse, Nano’s, Innov8, New Balance minimus.

Here are a couple links below that will give a few pictures and direction as well.

Every last Rep – best crossfit shoes, What do you really need

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”https://www.slideshare.net/GForceMarketing/the-ultimate-guide-to-choosing-the-best-crossfit-shoes&#8221; title=”The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Crossfit Shoes – CrossfitShoesHQ.com” target=”_blank”>The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Crossfit Shoes – CrossfitShoesHQ.com</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”http://www.slideshare.net/GForceMarketing&#8221; target=”_blank”>Jose Guevara</a></strong> </div>