Barbells for Boobs this Saturday, Come one come all! We will be taking donations and letting people register for the event at the door if they would still like to compete! Click here for details 

$2162 Raised for Barbells for Boobs thus far, $1162 over our goal

on a side note

$2160 raised for Wades army, $1160 above the original goal

We have some pretty badass members to help raise this. Absolutely wonderful job everyone.


Front Squat 1rm


Partner Wod

Each Partner will complete  8 Rounds for time of…

3 Box Jumps

3 Front Squats @ 70% of 1rm

5 Second Resisted Run

Rest 90 Seconds between rounds


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The complex Challenge results! B and Amy won! score was percentage of body weight lifted!

Savannah Hayes 77% (140#)

Tracy Gnivecki?? (123#)post your % girly!

Amy VanDyck 93.5% (105#)

Emmy Wilton 89.3% (118#)

Mike Landes 100% (207#)

Mike Stephen 99% (165#)

Byars Wells 65% (115#)

James Rodriguez 107% (165#)

Brandon Wilton 114.7% (210#)

Ryan Nell 85% (170#)

A headstand without a helmet?! oh no!!!