I would like to introduce a new product that we will have available for you. We are going to start carrying Well Food Co grass-fed whey protein. They carry many other great products, but for the time being we are focusing on their whey protein.

Here is their story.


“Four years ago, a small Paleo snack company called Paleo Brands Inc. was started by two friends, NFL player John Welbourn and founder of Del Mar Seafoods, Joe Cappuccio. Joe and John were neighbors in Newport Beach and opened their Paleo diet food company with the goal to provide simple, high quality Paleo friendly foods for professional athletes, CrossFitters and those looking to get healthy. John knew he needed some Paleo horsepower, so he contacted his good friend, Robb Wolf, to get involved; from there the project took off. With the New York Times Best Selling author on the team, Well Food Company was destined for greatness.  Our first products included Paleo Snax, Paleo Beef Jerky, a Paleo Cookie, and coconut.

In early 2012, John realized that CrossFitters, CrossFit Footballers, Power Athletes(TM), and athletes in general, demanded products which may not technically qualify as Paleo, but still hold important places in our customers’ daily nutrition.  Specifically, John wanted to provide the cleanest, most optimally digested whey protein available.  In mid 2012, Paleo Brands became Evolve Foods, so that we could expand beyond strict Paleo diet items and launch our Power Line, which featured 100% Grassfed Whey Protein Powder and Whey Protein Bar.  These Paleo Protein Bars are the ideal addition for the CrossFit lifestyle because they are a Paleo base of almond meal, honey, and cranberries plus 100% Grassfed Whey Protein Powder.

A few short months later, our company name required another evolution, and we became Well Food Company.

Well Food Company strives to build a diverse Paleo product offering to meet the range of nutritional needs of growing children, busy working professionals, and athletes competing at the highest levels.”

We feel that Well Food Co. offers the cleanest protein out there and this is why we decided to start offering it to you. We understand that whey protein isn’t for everyone. We have said many times that if you are attempting to lean out liquid food will be counterproductive. Also, there are those of you who don’t digest whey protein very well, which means you should look else where for your post workout nutrition. Having a sweet potato and some chicken post workout is a good go-to in this situation. However, for those of you who do include whey protein in your diet we want to offer what we feel is the top of the line.  We are not going to pretend that this product is going to add 50lbs to your back squat, but this can be a nice supplement to a clean paleo lifestyle. The key word there is supplement. Nothing will replace a good consistent paleo lifestyle and sleep.

We will have the whey protein out in the gym on some shelves. If you are interested in purchasing a container you will simply need to let the coach know that you are taking one and write down your name/quantity on the tab sheet. Every Friday I will ring up everyone’s tabs for the week via Front Desk. This means that you will need a credit card on file. This makes it a lot easier on us so we don’t have to go tracking down people, and will also allow us to keep better track of inventory.

Here is where you can find out more information about their whey: