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2014 open prep

What is it?

The 2014 Crossfit Open is just around the corner! Want to make the best of the time you have remaining? Get registered with our 2014 prep course to get a good idea on how to get it done, this course is open for anyone and everyone who would like to attend. All proceeds from this course will be going to get new equipment for this years Crossfit Open.

What should you bring to this course?

1. Something to take notes!
2. An updated training journal with most recent PRs, as well as your last years open scores if you have them.

What can you expect to get out of this course?

A few topics we will be covering…

* A better understanding of the type of athlete you are, your weaknesses, strengths, how these are relative to other athletes, and what you are currently doing for programming and why.
* Keeping yourself accountable throughout the year regarding training, lifestyle, injuries, and recovery.
* How to better compete and game a workout
* How to work on and program your weaknesses intelligently
* Planning the day of your wod.
* Testing gear, nutrition strategies.
* How to plan out your remaining time before the open, and into the next year.
* How to set specific, attainable goals for this years open.
* Adding volume / intensity to your wods safely
* Different programming styles and their purpose. General, Strength, Blog, Individualized.