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Hey Everyone, there is a weightlifting competition December 14th in Bloomington IN. I think there are a few of us heading down to compete. This is a weightlifting competition, so for those of you who aren’t sure what that means. There are two lifts.


Clean and Jerk

or just click here to check out the post I made about an Olympic Weightlifting competition

Here is the link to the USAW site where you can find the competition

and also…

This is a good chance to get some really good experience, and to maybe set a few PRs, don’t wait to compete until you think you are “good enough” you are always good enough to compete. Get out there with us as a group and get some experience.

Singlets on! CFSB Team Assemble!

If you are just checking this out, and interested in coming along with our team, post to comments! I know Myself, Abell, James, Katie B, and Jenn are in so far!