Send me some PR’s if you’ve been sitting on some of them!

Also, I made my own little poll

Answer this so I can know where to direct my attention 🙂


3 Rounds

minute 1 – Perform 5 Back Squats

minute 2 – 60 Yard Shuttle

minute 3 – 60 Yard Shuttle

minute 4 – 60 Yard Shuttle

minute 5 – Rest


8 minute amrap

3 Push Press

8 Russian Style Kettlebell Swings


For all lifts, (back squat, push press, kettlebell swings) go heavy.

Push Press will be performed from a rack

Throwback thursday, an olympic weightlifting competition I did with Aaron Bell in 2010, my first one!

There is one coming up on December 14th, interested in competing with some of us? click here and check out the details, and post to comments!



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