We have had quite a few questions about some of our Services, their purposes, and our policy on some of them. So I thought I would make a nice little post explaining them further.

Service: Skill Sessions

What is it?

A skill session is a one hour session with a Coach of the athletes choice to work on whatever skill that athlete would like to work on. Up to and including: Mobility / Flexibility Work, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Rowing, Running, General Crossfit Skill Work, Competitive Crossfit Skill Work, Rehab Work.

Why do we have Skill Sessions

We introduced Skill Sessions as a membership option because of the increasing amount of athletes wanting more personal attention with a coach. Knowing the type of skill said athlete would like to work on, or the number of skills within that session the athlete would like to work on, will direct where we believe the athlete should move toward, a quick fix? or an hour long session.

Although the majority of time you have the coaches attention (albeit not always undivided) between class periods, we don’t always have the time to fix movements between classes or during classes, depending on what the skill can be classified as. Is it a quick fix? or something that deserves an hour of full attention? How fast does the athlete pick up on the different types of skills?

Is it a simple skill; one that is straight forward, requires little concentration and cognitive ability, or is it a complex skill that involves a large attention span and must be practiced and trained repeatedly to make it easier to use in competition?

Is it a Discrete skill? Having a beginning and an end, like the Snatch? A serial skill that combines a group of discrete skills strung together like a Snatch complex? Or is it a continuous skill, where the skill has a arbitrary beginning and end point? like running?

What are some examples?

Typically the athlete, for a quick fix, has some general knowledge  and athletic base with some of the prior progressions of what he or she would like to do, these are typically fixing minor faults in movement patterns.

Some examples of a 10 minute fix

“I can do a pistol, but my ankle feels tight when I do them”

“I’m having trouble touching my chest to the bar when I do a chest to bar”

“I’m having trouble landing into a good power position while doing the clean”

Questions that would warrant us to push an athlete toward a full hour of work would be situations such as, new skill acquisition, major or gross faults in mobility or movement pattern in a particular skill, a movement that requires far more skill than another or the  that has a large or simply if you’d like to just geek out for an hour and fix a lot of minor faults in a short amount of time.

Some examples of a full hour of work

“Could you help me with my Snatch”

“I would like to learn how to do butterfly pull ups”

“I would like to learn how to develop pull ups and string together double unders”

If the athlete wants a more in depth approach, we will direct them toward a skill session. Typically once we see you have booked one we will send you an email asking what you intend on getting out of the Skill Session, what are your Aims? That way the coach can prepare material for the athlete prior to their arrival. The emphasis for the skill sessions are to

Discuss the overall goal(s) of the athlete

Set a specific goal of what the coach and athlete would like to accomplish during that hour and how that fits in relation with the end goal, and if the coach feels that more Skill Sessions would be beneficial if it is a rather large goal in relation to the athletes current skill level.

Provide the athlete a systematic approach to move closer toward attaining their goal, whether it be within that hour, or over the course of the next few months, to give that athlete a way to measure progress.

A timeline will be established for the athlete to check in with the coach if the goal has not been attained. The time of the check in is generally a good marker of when the coach thinks the athlete should be making progress by, whether it be by the end of the session, or within a few months, or a year.

Any questions about this post, feel free to post to comments!

How do I book one?

Here is a link to our Skill Sessions you can book online

and if you have a membership agreement; a 6 month (2 sessions) or 12 month agreement (4 sessions), not a month to month agreement (sorry guys!) ) you can click here and book one because your membership comes with a few!

If you have any issues with setting one up, just email me by clicking here and we can get you going