Bring a Friend Day Tomorrow! Don’t forget!


Deadlift 3RM

Pull Up 3 x Max, or weighted


5 Rounds

5 Hang Power Snatches

20 Double Unders


Go heavy for the Hang Power Snatches

photo 1-1

Matt is gone! for those of you who didn’t know who Matt was (pictured on the far right) , he did a lot of early AM training to get contracted to the Seals, he is off and he is heading to basic soon! We wish you the best of luck Matt!

Ksenia Maximova 170kg Squat: Meanwhile in Russia …18 year old, 2013 Junior World Champion in the 58kg category Ksenia Maximova squats 170kg. She won the Junior World title with a 205kg Total (94kg Snatch and 111kg Clean & Jerk). Thanks for the link JD!

A few albums of some historic and powerful images

here, and another one here