Team of 3

For time:

One at a time each person completes

20 Goblet Squats,

60 meter Shuttle sprint

Then, one at a time each man completes

15 Russian KB Swings,

52 meter Sprint

Then, one at a time each man completes

10 (each arm) 1 Arm KB Push Presses

46 meter Shuttle sprint


Use as heavy of a weight as possible for the kettlebell work

photo copy 2

Tracking your wod

Lets start this off by chatting about the importance of tracking your benchmarks, or AT THE VERY LEAST the numbers that are important to you. How many times have you heard us say “How many of you have an old Squat 5rm to use for this wod” out of a class of 12, I will see about 3-5 people raise their hands when I KNOW plenty more than that have done a 5rm Squat.

Tracking your wod can give you a number of things as far as feedback is concerned

*You can actually see the improvements you are making

*You can see if you are overworking yourself, if your times, weights, start to increase or decrease

*Speeds up class as you will know exactly what to work up to and how to work up to it

*Allows you to set reasonable goals

*Helps the coaches troubleshoot when it comes to setting a PR or not hitting a particular lift for that day

*It shows the coach what is important to you and what is not

*It is the next step from being a recreational Crossfitter to becoming more advanced Crossfitter

Now lets get this straight, if you are a recreational Crossfitter and you just want to come in, get your workout in, and enjoy yourself. That is A-okay with me…


If I hear you bitch because you think you may, or may not be getting weaker/slower/stronger/faster, and you are NOT tracking your progress/ (or diet/sleep), at least in the smallest amount. Then you have NO RIGHT TO BITCH. We don’t work well off of “I think this is happening” I want to see the data, on paper, so we can figure problems out if they ever occur.

What do you use?

What do you use to track your wods/benchmarks? What would make it easier for you to track your wods/benchmarks?

I have seen just about every method around for tracking workouts, what works best for you?

A notebook or a wodbook?

Personally: I used to track everything on paper pretty religiously until the advent of the iPhone and its army of easy to use tracking apps. I love the layout of the wodbooks and all of the different options, I like the feel of actually writing the workouts by hand as well…But…the thing is, you have to carry something separately, whileas I ALWAYS have my phone on me, and most people typically have them on their person as well. Also, there is no search function to find everything easily on the notebook.

Beyond the whiteboard

We used to have a subscription, Carl and I paid for a subscription for all of the members until we realized that no one was actually using it, I gave everyone one month, and if more than 5 people were using it after that month, I would keep the subscription for everyone…aannnnnddd it didn’t happen. They have quite a few of these as well as far as online wod tracking software that is web based and syncs to your social media.

A wod specific app

Personally: I have played around with quite a few of these and have never found one that I actually like, it seems like such a pain when you are putting in the daily wod to create the actual wod itself, seeing as how 90% of  the  wods we do, we program and they won’t be found in some “wod list” Although it works well for benchmark tracking. The Pro to this…is that anyone with half a brain to develop an app has already done it, there are…A LOT of wod apps out there

A “notebook” app

Personally: I use evernote, I love it, I have a version on my desktop and one on my phone, they sync together over the wifi here, so I copy and past my wods, and retype things on my desktop, then hit sync and its right on my phone, I can have separate notebooks, really as many as I want to have, and my most favorite thing is that its searchable (even pictures are searchable) meaning, if you take a picture of the wod written on the board, you can search for the text that was in that picture. Oh, and its free. (there are plenty of others out there as well, memento, take a look at the capabilities of the note taking apps before you get them)

So, post to comments, is there anything that would make your wod tracking easier? do you all want wodbooks? beyond the whiteboard? (coaches, throw some insight in here as to what you use and why!)