Hey there everyone!

So the holidays are rolling around, and just like the Apple Itunes terms and conditions that no one reads, we thought we would go over our agreement policies for everyone just so there is no surprise. We are a business just like any other and we do have some policies and procedures that we stick to very consistently.  When we sit everyone down and talk about memberships, we make a note of it that any changes/holds/cancelations to a membership must be done in writing, and any changes will take place 15 days after written notice. We are very consistent with enforcing this policy. We only ask that you give us 15 days notice, no less, and that policy is for every agreement (month to month, 6 month, 12 month.)

So if you are a student (or a regular person),(not that students aren’t regular people) and you are leaving for a break that is a month, or leaving for vacation for a month, or leaving to go back home for summer vacation. LET US KNOW AHEAD OF TIME! Not 3 days prior to your next billing cycle.